Thursday, December 4, 2008


'Lalpet' the term can says about the golden history of Lalpet. Lalpet is the small municipality panchayath town in cuddalore district of tamil nadu in southern part of India. Lalpet is always famous for its culture and tradition.

The most famous part of Lalpet is ' Jamia Manba'ul Anwar' the famous Arabic college not only in India and also to the Tamil world.The JMA ( Jamia Manba'ul Anwar ) was established in the year of 1862 by the peoples of Lalpet. Later in !947 the first convocation was conducted. from that period it will be continued each and every year. That day of convocation the peoples of Lalpet will celebrate the function like Eid ( Islamic Festivals). People's celebrate as a Third Eid of a year.Marhum Allama Amani Hajrath Qibla is the very famous Principal of this Institute, Under his period only the students came from all over the South India and Sri Lanka also.

The another important Principal is Marhum Allama Samsul Millath Alhaj K.A mohamed jackariya Hajrath. He's the very famous Islamic Scholar in Southern India. But this month he accepted the invitation of Allah ( Inna Lilla hi Va' Inna Ilaihi Rajioon) .

shall we move to the history of Lalpet.Lalpet was constructed by Lalkhan Sahib who was worked under the Prince Arcot Nawab. He was built the biggest mosque in Lalpet, Name of this Mosque is called ' Lalkhan Jamia Masjid' it is the very biggest mosque in the district of cuddalore. Approximately 10,000 peoples can do pray a single time.The total population of Lalpet is Approximately 30,000. The Male constitutes the 50% of the population and the Female is 50%. The Literacy rate of Lalpet is 75.6% more than the National Literacy Rate of India. 13% of the peoples are under 13 age.